Wednesday, April 21, 2010

DIY: sleeve cozy

Sometimes a piece of clothing just needs a good trim.
These sleeve ends, trimmed off a couple of my cotton shirts, have been hanging around for a few months.
It is unlike me to save things like this, but I must have had a feeling that they would spark an idea.

I often fill a blue ball jar with ice water to drink when I am working in the garden,
and we also use them to tote gin and tonics to picnics.
These sleeves make the perfect cozy for a ball jar filled with a chilly beverage.
If you use the jars for storage, these will keep them looking tidy and add a splash of color.
They can also be used to dress up a flower vase.
Here I used both the pink and salmon sleeves to create layers of color and add some texture.


  1. I love the idea of toting drinks in a mason jar! And the sleeve cozy can hide the hooch :)

    The new blog design is so fresh and spring-y. It looks great! And your picture is cute as a button.

  2. Now when you see me across the street working in the garden you'll always wonder if it's water or gin that I'm drinking in the mason jar:)

    Glad you like it-it was time for a spruce up!