Wednesday, April 28, 2010

DIY: May basket

May Day is one of my favorite days.  Traditional celebrations aside, May 1st just seems like a good day to celebrate-the arrival of spring, the first blooming flowers, or just longer days outside. May baskets for May Day are a sweet little tradition, and I am surprised at how many people are unaware of it. My mother and I always made May baskets for me to take to school or hang on neighbors' doors.  Usually, they were filled with May flowers and Dutchman's Breeches that I picked in the woods, but sometimes we also included candy. I have continued this tradition, and people are always happy and surpised to find one adorning their front door.
It's a cinch to make this simple May basket.  A small jar-this one has a wire bale handle-holds water and spring blooms.  Tie a piece of lace trim (or ribbon, or twine-whatever you have on hand) around the jar, and one onto the handle to loop around a doorknob. A tag wishes a Happy May Day to the recipient, and a vintage clip-on earring adds a bit of bling.


  1. It IS such a cute idea, Christine! We had one left on our door a few years fun!

  2. Hope it inspires you to make a few:)