Thursday, April 29, 2010

DIY: More May baskets!

Here is another super easy and colorful May basket project.
Make button 'flowers' by gluing stacks of buttons together, then attaching to a pipe cleaner stem.
I used a plastic flower petal base glued to the pipe cleaner to give them a nice base.
Fold and wrap another pipe cleaner around the stem to form leaves.
I filled a small shaker jar (these were $1 at Michael's!) with assorted candy.
Stick a few flowers into the shaker and tie a ribbon around the jar,
and you've got a colorful edible May basket filled with keepsake flowers.
May baskets need not always show up on a front door.
Surprise your family with a May basket hanging on their dresser door knob,
or on their chair at the breakfast table!
Happy May Day!


  1. your may day baskets are inspired! love the idea of surprising family members with a basket in-home. and the photos ~ amazing!

  2. What a cute project! Very fun and colorful.

  3. Love the button flowers - C. would love making and displaying those. Great idea!

  4. My Grandma made me a May basket one year out of a plastic strawberry basket with ribbon woven through. I wish I still had it!
    I was running late yesterday, but threw one together for our Farmers' Market manager for opening day. Had to tell you b/c it had not just fruits and nuts and a little bottle with tiny flower arrangement, but a rolled up vintage *apron* besides. (She loved it.)
    Oh, and BTW, in the 90's (!!) for our May Day.