Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Collecting: White Pottery

Last week, I bought a new cupboard for our bedroom. I love it when you finally find just the right piece. When I spotted this at one of my favorite occasional sales, Mustard Moon, I knew that this was the one. The color may have been a challenge for some people, but it fit in perfectly with our recent bedroom redo. The size is just right, and the wealth of shelving more than doubles our existing storage-yes!
A big grouping from my collection of white pottery is the crowning glory to the new cupboard. It is a lovely contrast to the dark paint color of the cupboard. In a house full of color, I find that gatherings of white pottery here and there offer a calming effect. They also help accentuate other colors, much like bright white trim sets off a bold color in a room.


  1. Just beautiful! I love the white against the cupboard~ very graphic and beautiful!

  2. Isn't that a great cupboard....thanks to Jane!
    I've been waiting for a good spot to show off some of my white pottery.

  3. (I saw this on my reader, but didn't realize it was yours until just now. The drawback to a reader...)

    I love your collection! Your bedroom is very calming. Makes me want to redo mine!

    Oh, and displaying a collection on top of a cabinet like that is pure genius. (I display my collection of elephants on top of a bookshelf, and it looks very similar to yours!)