Monday, June 14, 2010

DIY: candleholders

These two items had been rambling around in my garage for months. One was an old ceiling light fixture with dirty white paint on it, and the other was some sort of compression spring. Over the weekend, I was finally inspired to turn them into something useful. A quick sand and a coat of metallic spray paint gave the light fixture a lift. I decided that the spring was pretty cool as is, so just gave it a good clean with a stiff brush. Both of them are perfectly suited to holding a candle. A little double stick to hold the candle in place, and they were ready to go! I envisioned them on our new deck table, shedding mood light on a late night weekend dinner outside. Then it rained all weekend. For now, they will have to settle for our dining room table, but they'll soon make their debut outside. Take a new look at the old stuff hanging around your garage. With a few simple steps, or just a good cleaning, you can repurpose and reuse!

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