Thursday, July 29, 2010

bag lady

Whew-so this is a very late in the day post due to:
1. The fact that I do not sew
2. The fact that I ignore this fact and try my hand at it anyway
3. The fact that I was trying to take a super cute "after" photo of myself modeling something
*this is that don't see a bag in there, do you?*
4. The fact that I then missed the window of opportunity to have S take a super cute "after" photo
of myself modeling something

I still love my new bag, and have been using it all day.

So, here's the story.
Earlier in the week, I decided that all of my bags were rotten and not doing their job,
so I set out to the clearance aisles of Target to remedy that problem.
I ended up bringing home 3 bags.
All three only set me back 17.50.

This little cutie was on clearance for 2.48. Ridiculous and irrestistable.
A little flowery for me, perhaps, but it seemed like a good bet to last the rest of the summer.
Here is where my problem #1 comes into play.
I do not sew, but wanted to alter the look a bit.
You fabric artists will look on me with pity and think I'm pathetic,
but I'm rather pleased with my attempt at needle and threading.
First off, I wanted to lengthen the strap so I could sling it over my shoulder.
I really dislike the one shoulder thing.
This spring, I bought a pair of pants that came with  a belt.
Those belts are never actually ones that you want to wear, but I hung onto it for some reason.
Now I know the reason.
It was the perfect color and length for my new strap, and because it had a buckle,
I only had to sew one end!
I just looped the buckle around the existing bag ring (after cutting the old strap off),
then stitched (don't look closely at those) the other end.
For a little dress up and personality, I sewed (yes, again) a big vintage button on the front flap.
Cute. Cute. Cute.
Then I topped it all off with a silly plastic cowgirl in a pink cowgirl hat.
She dangles from the zipper pull and makes me happy.
See-there's hope for you non-sewers out there.


  1. Nice work! I'm impressed that a non-sewer would even take on such a project. Do we get to see the other two clearance bags? I love me some Target clearance. Those orange tags are like a magnet.

  2. Aw, shucks, guys.
    Don't you worry Marisa, I have plans for the other bags (well, at least one)too.....
    there's no stopping me now!

    Target clearance is so totally addicting.