Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chive Butter

Oh, such a simple thing that makes me so happy. Herbed butter is one of those super easy things that I never remember to make. We grilled fresh sweet corn this past weekend. Ha. This time I remembered.
Plenty of leftovers were the unforeseen bonus. Chive butter rocks on so many foods. My BLT sandwich for Saturday lunch got a big swath of the stuff. I have never eaten mayo on my BLT's (which has elicited some close to threatening responses from various folks-especially diner servers), so I was delighted to come up with this alternative. Pork chops on the grill? Yup, you guessed it. I brushed on a little chive butter right at the end of grill time and let it melt over the top. Ok, so, I DID NOT put it on my raspberry whole grain pancakes on Sunday morning......but.........my favorite use for chive butter thus far? I fried two eggs in a big gob of it, sliced a garden tomato on the side, then ate it with a fat slice of whole grain bread toasted and spread with, oh yeah, more chive butter.
*this was totally staged for the photo, and might just be a bit more butter than even
I would want to eat on a slice of bread. But, I might try it just to make sure.*
Sweet corn is at it's prime right now, so pick up a bunch, throw it on the grill, and whip up some chive butter.
Then reap the benefits of leftovers.


  1. YUM. If I weren't totally overloaded on butter this week (between Sunday's batch of brownies and the practice wedding cake this weekend), I would run out to the garden and make this right now. I'm jealous that you have tomatoes in already. Ours are quite tardy.

  2. Hello Marisa!
    Is there such a thing as butter overload?
    I suppose one can have too much from time to time...but, seriously, make this when you've recovered.
    Sadly, garden tomato not from my garden as the squirrels nab every single thing that grows in my garden-rascals.
    Thanks for sharing this!