Monday, July 19, 2010

bathroom reno wrap up

Remember that last bathroom post I promised you last Thursday? Um, well, here it is. It's Monday, I know.
S and I talked back and forth and around and round about options for our bathroom. We discussed adding a two story addition, or bumping out into the tiny upstairs hallway or *gasp* into my jewelry room. In the end, either our options didn't gain enough space for the money, or they just got way to pricey. This is a small house in a middle income neighborhood, and we didn't want to overbuild for the house or the area. Staying with the existing footprint was absolutely the best decision in my mind. The bathroom is now stylish and functional, and we didn't have to break the bank to do it. Obviously, it eliminated many design options, as all of the major fixtures had to stay in the same place. But, with some simple changes and customized elements, we managed to completely change the feel of the space.

We only had one option for our tub size, so, decision made. We lucked out by finding our toilet choice on sale for a much lower price.  Classic white subway tile in the tub surround only set us back about $85 at Menards, so we were able to splurge a bit on the fab floor tile.
The wall mount sink opens up the small room a lot, and was a super bargain at the Habitat for Humanity Restore for only $10! Wood wainscot leftover from another job was put up around the lower half of the bathroom. Wainscot is a great way to add character to a room or cover up plaster walls that are less than perfect.
The previous medicine cabinet was ridiculously low. S and I were easily able to tell if our shirts were buttoned, but had to squinch down to check out our hair. In fact, we measured it and a person would have had to be 5'5" tall or shorter to actually see themselves in that mirror. For this reason, the new medicine cabinet might be my favorite thing about the new bathroom. S custom built it for the space and it's huge! Of course, the added bonus is that more mirror=bigger looking room. A few necessities like towel hooks and vent fans finished off the remodel, then I added a few personalized touches.
A wood wall shelf above the toilet holds collections and pretty stuff, and a basket beneath the sink houses extra towels. The only thing I'm still searching for is just the right picture to hang above the window, so let me know if you see one..............

Cost breakdown

demo                                       0
plumbing labor                         1000
tub                                          475
toilet                                        340
sink                                         10
radiator                                    0
tub/sink fixtures                        355
tile/tub                                      85
tile/floor                                    375
tile labor                                   450
light fixture                                100
medicine cabinet materials         50
paint                                         100
fan/electric                                50
shower curtain                          20
rod and hooks                          35
towel bars, hooks, TP holder    30
window treatment                     20
wall shelf                                  20
misc supplies                            25

TOTAL COST!                        3540

Of course, that does not include our own "hourly wage". And.....the fact that I have a ridiculously talented husband.  And.........the fact that we also have talented friends and family willing to help out for a lower rate. But, if you plans things out carefully, shop around, and use great resources like the Restore, your bathroom remodel can be done at a very reasonable cost.


  1. There are lots of vintage-looking wooden signs on Etsy that I bet you'd like. They say things like, "Hot baths 5cents, soap extra" or "In this house, baths are on Saturday, whether you need it or not."

  2. Wow... nice bathroom....
    Good job!

  3. thanks for the tip Marisa.....
    and the kudos, Dawn!

    ugh-how do I make my numbers column unwobbly
    (and is unwobbly a word?)

  4. This turned out beautifully! Love all style and colors, and surfaces! Great job!!