Thursday, August 5, 2010

Balancing act.

Concentrate on this pretty flower and forget about how lame I am........
Oh hell. I suck. I'm a very bad blogger this week. One pathetic post for you lovely readers. Ugh. I'm in the process of balancing life, work and blog. A couple of times things with work have made blogging a bit challenging, but right now is a whole different story. I'm trying to finish up a couple of jobs so I can focus on one particularly busy, but fun!, job. Coupling this work craziness with a house that is a construction zone has left me floundering in blogland. Stick with me-I'll figure it out.

As a consolation prize, I'm leaving you with a few pretty photos of my garden.
Oh, and never fear, there will be Pie Day!

white phlox and orange cosmos-yowza!

false sunflower, mint and red salvia-fiery!
colesus and zinnia-mmmmmmm....


  1. you do not suck! blogs, like life, eb & flow. you posts constantly inspire ~ thank you for sharing your time & talent in this way.

  2. Beautiful flowers~ zinnias are my favorite~ why didn't I get those planted this year? Life is so busy sometimes...enjoy your projects!

  3. Sometimes it just takes a bit of time to figure out how everything can work together...never enough hours in the day.
    Thanks for being faithful readers and talented gals.

    Linda-I just have a few zinnias and always wonder why I don't plant mom and dad are crazy for zinnias and always have a garden full of them!