Saturday, August 7, 2010

Friday is PIE DAY!

Clearly, I will have to adapt my Friday pie baking schedule to allow for much longer cooling times during these dog days of August. The pie was finally cool enough to slice at about 8:30 last night, and I was in no mood for blogging at that point. Fortunately, this pie was definitely worth the wait!

Every once in awhile, I swear that I'm going to sit down and actually make out a Pie Day baking schedule, but I never seem to be able to stick to it. Usually, I just want to see what I'm in the mood for, or what inspires me at the market. Yesterday, a 2 pound container of ripe organic apricots set the scene.
Having recently baked an apricot pie for you, I wanted to try to shake this one up a bit. So, I started by broiling the halved apricots with honey, getting them nice and soft and roasty. If at this point, you felt like you just couldn't possibly continue on and make a whole pie, these little gems would be fabulous scooped into a bowl with some vanilla ice cream and a dusting of nutmeg.
If, however, you're feeling ambitious and ready to tackle a whole pie, go ahead and layer them into a crust.
I threw some raspberries on top, just because I felt like it.
You could also stick to all apricot.
 After being roasted, the apricots in the pie cook down into a rich orange bed of fresh fruit flavor,
studded with the bright taste and color of the red raspberries.

Roasted Honey Ginger Apricot Pie

1 9" double pie crust
2 lbs fresh apricots, halved
6 oz fresh raspberries
1/4 cup honey (this is an estimate...I just drizzled honey all over the apricot halves, filling their little centers)
1 1/4 cup sugar
1 T candied ginger
3 T flour
2 T butter

-place apricot halves on baking sheet and drizzle with honey
-place under broiler for 20-25 minutes, until roasted and just browning on top
(my broiler is really slow, so keep an eye on these if you have a more powerful broiler-it may only take 10 -15 minutes)
-let cool to room temperature
-spoon roasted apricot halves into prepared pie crust
-top with raspberries
-pour sugar, flour and ginger over top of fruit
-dot with pieces of butter
-top with crust, seal and crimp
-bake at 400 degrees for 45 minutes


  1. i was lucky enough to sample a slice last night ~ the ginger and honey infused the pie perfectly ~ amazing!

  2. Thanks dear.....the ginger and honey definitely worked well-subtle, but essential.

  3. So, so good! The tart raspberries and spicy ginger were the perfect counterbalances to the sweetness of the apricots and honey. And the crust was perfect, as always. My dad thinks you are a pie genius :)