Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Collecting: Vintage handbags

I honestly did not realize how many vintage purses I own until I started photographing them for this post.
It also inspired me to add finding a clever handbag display to my list of things to do.  At the farm, I had this super cute vertical rack in our bedroom.....
.....but just have not found a good way to show them off in this house. Sadly, this means that they are hidden away in my closet right now. It was fun to get them out for the photos and visit with all of them again. And yes, I mean that literally. As I was shooting them, it became obvious that they all had their own personalities and best angles, so I was verbally coaxing them into poses. Too much time alone this week?

My favorite, favorite tapestry bag.
I borrowed this one from my mother when I was home for a class reunion, and haven't returned it yet. oops!
An assortment of cool bags decorated with plastic beads.....I am obviously drawn to these.
A detail of those funny plastic bead thingies.
but wait, there are more....
casual red.
This little number. oh my. it's red. its's got a scrunchy drawstring top. also lots of pockets.
and! a bandana print lining.
it's the shizzle.
A very thoughtful gift from a very thoughful friend.
Do you think she knew that orange is my favorite color?!
formal red.
Oh-this one is adorable. Hard sided pink with super sweet details. Swoon worthy, for sure.
Oh wait. What's that. Another purse covered in plastic beads?
and another

and one more.
This is the perfect little size for summer evening outings, and always gets a lot of attention.
I love the chunky beads on this one, but never actually use it, because it's, well, too chunky.
Form over function.
My collection of tooled leather purses has somehow dwindled down to just this one.
But, it's a good one! I particularly love the wooden button and the yummy color.
Another thoughtful gift-this time from my parents.
I like the simplicity of the back just as much as the intricacy of the front.
Amazing beadwork.
A girl can never be without a classic silver evening bag.....
and, of course, a gold one.
 I once met a woman who kept her vintage purse collection in a specially designed, climate controlled closet. She had some serious handbags. I won't be taking it that far, but these little beauties do need to make their way out of the closet soon.


  1. What a great collection, Christine! Beautiful purses and wonderful condition, too!

  2. Thanks linda....
    uh, Katie, let me get you a towel.....