Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Takeaway: Tub tray

As always, there have been a few odds and ends that needed to be done to finish up the bathroom remodel. The plumber was in over the weekend to install the radiator. It seems like an unnecessary space waster in this current heatwave, but I'm sure we'll appreciate it come winter.....
Once that was in, the door went back on, and we added towel bars to the door. So close to done. I still need to find a couple of pictures that are just right, and S and I have an ongoing disagreement about the shower arrangment. He wants to drill a shelf or two into our BRAND NEW TILE. Granted, we were without a holder for shampoo and such, but put holes into our BRAND NEW TILE? I think not. He swears that "everyone does it." Well, honey, I'm not everyone.

Wait, wait-before you offer your suggestions, let me tell you that I've tried them all. Yup. Believe me, I have.
Luckily, IKEA comes through again. They have a new wooden bathtub tray in the fall bathroom selection. The metal ones tend to leave marks on the tub surface, so I had already ruled that out. I was rather pleased with myself as I snuck this into the freshly scrubbed tub and loaded it up with all our bath stuff. When S arrived home, I proudly whipped back the shower curtain to show him my brilliant discovery. Unfortunately, it was met with a less than enthusiastic response. "You have to bend so far over to reach the shampoo," he said. I mean, he's tall, but c'mon.
I'm giving it a test run, however, and am convinced that he'll grow to love it.

When I bought it, I was struck by the simple design, and by the fantastically low (7.99!) price. It seemed like it was begging to be used as more than just a tub tray. Inspiration struck with the new radiator in place. It happens to be exactly the right size to function as a shelf/tray on top of the radiator. Cool, right? I loaded it up with sample goods, and once again, escorted S up to check out my newly repurposed tray. This time, whew!, I was met with praise and showered with kisses (well, maybe not that last part). It has a lip, so things won't slide off, and the slats let the heat through. Hmmmm....this means another trip to IKEA to pick up an extra tub tray. Oh well, if I have to.

P.S. You have to use your imagination with this last photo, but I think these trays are also just screaming to be used on your wall. Picture three of them lined up, maybe painted a color.
Can you see it?
I think this is just the beginning of tub tray projects.............
p.s. Fresh herbs are a lovely natural deodorizer in a bathroom. This wee posy holds a few fresh mint leaves!


  1. I can see tons of tub trays in your future.. cute post.. Have a cool evening... Hot now ain't it?

  2. raining right now, but still hot, hot hot!