Thursday, September 23, 2010

autumn in the garden

(hey-there's that bucket sneaking in again:)

Today is a warm and rainy autumn day. It's quite lovely and cozy, but yesterday was one of those perfect midwestern fall days. The dappled sunlight and crisp air encouraged me to take some shots of my autumn garden.
A few annuals that were lovely all summer had faded a bit in these shorter days and cooler temperatures. To spark up my planters a bit, I removed the plants that had seen better days, then filled in with a selection of mum plants. Here they nestle in with bright coleus and deep purple sweet potato vine. It was an instant mood lifter for the garden and for me.
The front garden shines every fall with these bright, contrasting hues of
chartreuse creeping sedum and purple upright sedum.
Another mum plant welcomes visitors to my front door.
This is Pumpkin, our rent-a-kitty. He lives next door, but spends most sunny days lounging on our deck.
We think that he must know how well he fits into the color scheme.
Another sharp contrast of deep red penstemon and bright yellow-green tansy leaves! I cut this tansy back after the blooms faded in August, and it graced me with a new growth of this sparkling foliage for fall.
Cutting back blooms after their peak will often give you double the pleasure. Many plants, including coreopsis, foxglove, and perennial geraniums, will bloom a second time.  Others will just shoot up new leaves, adding a freshness to your late season garden. Additionally, leaving some of your 'spent'  perennials untrimmed (like the penstemon above) will add color interest and texture to your fall, and even winter, garden.
Sweet potato vine is such a lovely addition to planters, and it's colors change over the course of the season, adding new interest. This one has taken on autumn hues of buttercup and bordeaux.
What's in your autumn garden?


  1. So pretty, Christine...I just love fall...Pumpkin is a cutie, too!

  2. When you come to Virginia I want to work up a Sinatra cover along the lines of: "Come piiie with me, come piiie with me..."
    XO, me

  3. Hi Linda,
    I bet your fall garden is lovely!
    Such a dreamy season...