Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Creative Connection projects: Part 1

(There are two people sitting behind this cool table runner-their identities will be revealed in a later post..)
As a person who does not sew, I have become quite crafty at devising projects that involve fabric, but no sewing. I love fabric and buttons and trim and all of that other stuff that goes along with sewing, just not the sewing part. Stacks of fabric line my studio shelves and baskets of scraps are piled up everywhere. For the Creative Connection tables, I used up a lot of my scraps making fun and easy projects to set the mood for the event.

For a simple, but stunning, table runner, fabric strips are tied onto a length of landscape fabric.
In this case, the landscape fabric was cheap, in bulk and the right color for my project.
You could also use fabric, or sheets, or whatever you have hanging around.
Simply use a hole punch along the edge of the fabric piece,
then tie strips of fabric through holes.
I used these same strips of fabric to dress up galvanized pails.
This is so super cute...I want these buckets everywhere.
For the CC, I filled them with happy and seasonal mum plants, but you could
stick anything in them and it would look adorable.
In fact, they would look adorable with absolutely nothing but air in them.
It's true.
My original intention was to show off the sweet knotted fronts,
but I also love the look of the stripes created on the other side.
Which is your favorite?
With the leftover odd-sized pieces of fabric, I tied up one big garland.
This is such a wonderful way to use up odds and ends.
Set a color palette, or just mix and match like I did.
The end result is a wonderfully haphazard, chunky, yummy color and texture mash.
Hang these up for a party or just dress up a front porch or craft room.
Fun, fun, fun!
My fabric scraps will surely be put to good use now-there is no stopping me!
Who needs a sewing machine............


  1. Good Morning dear one.....I will be using some of these amazing ideas!!! I think I can even do them. Once again your work at the Tcc was beyond lovely!

    Have a great day...I am off and running...early day at our school..yeck..why would a school have early day??????

    Make sure you treat yourself today.

    Oh ps.........I made that red velvet cake for dinner {my daughters going away dinner} was a hit!! I felt very clever.


  2. Early day? phooey.
    going away dinner...lots of tears this week, but think of the experience she will have:)

    I'm going to treat myself to a cupcake from a super sweet bakery here-it's a lovely rainy warm autumn day. That and a cup of coffee will set me right for the rest of the day.


  3. Christine . . . FOUND you . . . !!!!

    Check us out:

    let's get together sometime.

    rick and toni (