Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Creative Connection Projects: The Gala!

My ideas for the gala dinner tables changed several times before I came up with one that I really loved. Then I worried that it was too simple. I tried several ways to fuss it up a bit, but always came back to the basic components. It just seemed like a gala dinner should have more elements or be more complicated. Then my husband gently reminded me that sometimes simple really is best. (He was my sounding board for much of my design for this event, and was always patient and had fantastic input. Love him.)
Amy Butler donated this lovely fabric for our table linens, and I really wanted to leave the focus on the print and colors while adding just the perfect accessory-you know, that thing that pulls the outfit together and makes it look just right.
Inspiration struck at IKEA (seriously, what did I ever do without this place in town?). These placemats (2.49 for a pack of 4) grabbed my attention, and I whipped out my fabric swatch. Perfect. The colors were similar enough, but not matchy. They were also deeper tones, to keep the whole look from becoming too pastel.
I loaded up the cart and headed home to experiment.
Without cutting or altering, I used two placemats and some double stick tape to create a cylinder that I thought would look fabulous in the middle of a table.
To hide the seams, and add another layer of pattern and color, I tied on lengths of some more great Mayarts ribbon.
Next, I experimented with several options for a base. Trays, fabric, yarn......hmmmmmmm. Luckily, the dollar store came to the rescue, as it so often does. Fairy wings in a perfect array of colors created lovely "petals" to frame my centerpiece.
Three components + tea lights= centerpiece for $2.25!
As I hoped, the colors blended perfectly (even with the ugly hotel chairs-sorry Hyatt) and the candles gave a warm glow to the whole room. Simple, yes, but stunning.


  1. You, my friend, are amazing. How I wish we could mull over these creative adventures together... with g&ts in hand! Sometimes I think Minneapolis is where I should be... so many creative and lovely souls there :)

  2. Thanks Molly!
    Yes, would love to hang out and create together. As the weeks go by, I am hit again and again by how little time I had at the event to really chat with folks-argh.
    You're in a creative city too, no?
    But you're welcome to make the Twin Cities your new home anytime:)
    (or just come stay in my guest room for awhile!)

  3. Really lovely, Christine! Everything goes so well together! Looks like it was a fun event!

  4. Hey Linda-thanks....I was happy to see the final result pull together! Wish you could have been there, but that darn Junk Bonanza was keeping all of you guys away:)