Monday, September 27, 2010

Creative Connection projects: Part 2

An impressive array of authors signed books on the first night of the Creative Connection. Coverings for 28 bar tables were a bit daunting for a person with no sewing machine, but I was up to the challenge. For me, fabrics that look good with a rough cut edge or have a finished look without hemming are life savers. In this case, jersey fabrics came to the rescue. Their cut edges are very forgiving.

Once I had my table toppers cut to size, I dressed them up with a couple of very simple treatments.
In a previous post on collecting, I showed off my vast selection of clothespins. Not only are they fun to collect and display, but they can be put to work from time to time.
Colorful plastic versions got a dose of cute with a couple of fabric scraps. (ah, yes-more fabric scraps....)
Just thread a couple of small lengths of scrap (about 6-7" long) through the clippy part, then clip them to the edge of your tablecloth. Instant! Super cute!
I used wooden clothespins to clip lengths of ribbon that looped their way around the perimeter of the cloth. Simply clip and drape as you go.
Mayarts was kind enought to donate this fabulous burlap loop ribbon for the event, and I feel in love with it.
It was the perfect wrap for vintage medicine bottles. I simply twisted a starting loop, wrapped the bottle, then secured the end. This ribbon was wired so it was easy to secure, but you could always use a dab of glue if necessary. Yarn, ribbon, twine or rick rack would all work well for this project.  Sweet and simple, this vase looks great with a single stem.
My apologies for not having photos of this stuff in action at the actual event. After I finished my decorating frenzy, I rushed off to gussy myself up for the big gala dinner, and completely forgot to take photos. If y'all have any, please feel free to post a link!


  1. Ok...really this was all amazing...the highlight {well one of} my time helping out at Tcc was helping you with those tables. So much fun {please can I be your assistant next year}

    Your ideas are way too cute....I have brought them all back to school will be sooooo will not know what hit it.

    I miss you my dear...wish I could just pop over and say hi!
    Miss your sweet smile.

    hugs for a great sweet daughter is gone to the UK to school and I am having a rough time of it...I need one of your comfort pies. Really if I had one in front of me today I would of ate the whole darn it was I think I ate 6 pumpkin muffines. xoxoox


  2. Hi Dear Koralee,

    I don't like to hear of you feeling blue.
    A comfort pie, 2 forks and some steaming cups of tea are what we need to be up to:)

    I might enter a giveaway this week, although I think I need to leave that to folks who didn't get to see everything first hand....tempting, though!

    Your photos are way too inspire.
    And, by the way, you're hired!
    xoxo c