Sunday, October 10, 2010

Creative Connection: A picnic style box lunch

This picnic style box lunch offered up lots of design inspiration for me.
Casual, country, fun, and a bit shabby and rustic-these are design elements that I can get into.
When I found out that Moda and French General were teaming up to donate our table runners,
I was even more inspired. 
Empty tomato sauce cans from the recycling bin of a local Italian deli provided a no cost base to my centerpieces. (Always ask before you dig in someones' recycling. I know it's technically garbage, but it's just a nice thing to do.I have to tell you that these guys were slightly confused as to why I would want their empty cans, but they just shook their heads and said go for it.) These large spools had been stashed in my studio for awhile, and they finally met their perfect use as adorable feet for my flower pots.
I used a high heat glue gun to attach them.
This was also used to secure a length of tree wrap around the can.
I love tree wrap. I want to use it for everything.
Except wrapping my trees.
Yet another sweet ribbon from Mayarts, tied in a simple knot,
 adds another layer of interest and pattern over the tree wrap.
And there you go! Another super cute, low cost centerpiece
 (or paintbrush holder, or kitchen utensil bucket, or plant pot for your deck, or..........)
Here it is all dolled up at the event.
 These 49 cent dishtowels at IKEA were just screaming to be used in a project.
I mean, really, 49 cents. Who could resist?
I quickly came up with a scheme to make irresistable little aprons out of them.
Only problem? I don't sew.
Maggie and Melissa came to the rescue though (thanks guys!), and
my vision was realized!
Here is how they did it. Don't ask me for any details.
I assume it will be obvious and easy to those of you who can sew:)
Bundled up with a napkin and tied with more tree wrap and ribbon,
they were a sweet place setting for each attendee at the luncheon.
The colorful flowers scattered about the table.........
are simply cupcake wrappers (in regular and mini size) crumpled and twisted into a quick bloom.


  1. Those 49-cent IKEA towels are great for embroidering redwork. Or so I hear, as I don't embroider, but I admire those who do. :)

  2. I LOVE your flower pots! And pretty much everything about this pretty table!

  3. Oh-Maria...those would be fantastic w/redwork on them (which I don't do either, but..)

    Thanks Heather...The whole look just turned out to be so HAPPY! I definitely had fun with it.