Monday, October 11, 2010

Halloween party favors

Simple composition notebooks have always been a staple-for school, in my home office and in my studio. These fun black and white designs are perfect for Halloween crafts.
I turned mine into frightful party favors for a Halloween table or party.
The word 'composition' on the front gets spooky with the addition of 2 additional letters.
Use rubber stamps or black sticker letters to add your own tag lines.

Pages get a time worn look with a simple tear and your used coffee grounds.
Just tear the edges of the notebook paper,
then rub them with a used coffee filter (or dip them in cold coffee or tea, but this is less drippy).
Rub lightly, or you will rip the filter and spill grounds everywhere. That would certainly be a fright!
All bundled up with mummy like strips of fabric, these notebooks will please all of your visiting ghouls.


  1. Love this idea my friend...went shopping in your lovely country Target!!! Found lots of good treats. xoxo

    Happy Tuesday sweet one.

  2. cheap and easy...that's me!
    thanks for the link, p.

    ooohhhh shopping at Target in the US-sounds like fun. Hope your T-day was full of good things:)

    happy tuesday indeed-farm market this morning, then work, work, work!