Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thank-full table runner

Here is another quick project for your Thanksgiving table that will get the whole family involved.
For the main part of the table runner,
I used green masking paper from the hardware store,
but you could also use brown or white kraft paper rolls.
I used a premade paper leaf garland, but
if you'd like to make your own leaves, check out a template here.
Using double sided tape (my best crafting friend), I
attached a length of leaves to each edge of the green paper.
Once your runner is assembled, have each member of the family
 inscribe a leaf with something that they are thankful for.
During the meal, it will serve as a lovely reminder of the spirit of the day.

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  1. You and your ideas my sweet friend...endless!

    Wishing you a great thanksgiving...I will be thinking of you on Thursday...especially around dinner time...yummmmmm.

    Turkey BINGO!!!!! have fun