Monday, November 22, 2010

Sweet and simple placecards

Hello! Are you still here? I promise that I have not abandoned you. Once again, events got in the way of Pies and Aprons. Blogging leads to a lot of self discovery, and I have discovered that when I am involved in a project, I really throw myself into it. That means other things (laundry, dinner, blog) suffer a bit. I resolve to resolve this issue in the new year......hmmm, perhaps that would involve planning ahead:)

Photos and details of the Holiday Bazaar will be along soon, but I wanted to squeeze in a few more Thanksgiving goodies for you before the turkey hits the table! The fact that we get to stuff ourselves silly is enough for me to love this holiday. However, I do feel that it is important to celebrate the "giving thanks" part as well, by taking the opportunity to reflect on those things that we are happy to have in our lives. I designed these little placecards to help everyone at our Thanksgiving table (and yours) take part in a bit of gratitude.
I started with ivory shipping tags, then layered a scrapbooking label on top.
 Basic twine in a double knot attaches the two together.
A pencil for writing is conveniently attached, using a single knot and simple bow.
This makes it easy for each guest to untie the pencil.
Finally, a few prompting words set the scene, and a name at the bottom marks each person's place.
Once lists have been completed, guests can take turns sharing them out loud.
Are your turkeys thawing?
p.s. My Pies and Apron readers are sure to make my list!

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  1. Way too cute for words my friend....I have those pencils so I am half way there.

    How did your Christmas Home Fair go???? Waiting for photos...waiting waiting. xoxoxoxoox Warm is like Canada up here today...brrrrr. xoxoxo