Monday, March 7, 2011

Collecting :Mexican pottery

It has been awhile since I've done a collecting post. During the long winter here, it's rarer that I am out and about buying any trinkets to add to my silly collections. This past weekend, I picked up this little guy for .59, and it inspired me to share this collection with you.
As you know by now, my collections are not valuable in the monetary sense. But, they are valuable in the joy that they bring me every day. I really don't know much about these Mexican pots, but they are full of color and flowers and, sometimes, plants. That's enough for me to love them.
Don't they make you smile? They live on my front porch, which is just waiting for warm spring days
and long summer nights. For now, it's another two inches of snow tonight......glad I have these sweeties to lift my spirits.


  1. I read my new copy of Flea Market Style. You did a excellent job of writing. I am amazed and awed. Such a lovely magazine. Congrats

  2. Dawn......I knew this would happen.
    Wrong Christine...she's Hofmann-Borque,
    and aside from both having curly hair, we don't look anything alike:)
    She did do an amazing job in well as the whole team-congrats to them!

  3. o my I used to have some of them..wish I still had them they are so pretty and full of color..lovely.