Thursday, March 10, 2011

Warm Bacon Salad

Bacon has seemed to reach the state of  idolatry with a large part of the population.
It is good stuff, and I really love it in this main dish salad.
I do, however, draw the line at the all you can eat bacon night at our local bar.
Moderation, people. Moderation.
A new find at Trader Joe's.
16 oz of frozen, cleaned, and sliced leeks. $1.49.

My steps and badly lit photos follow.
(Yes, I was really cooking this for our dinner, AND it was evening, AND the light was bad. So authentic.)
Recipe is at the end of the post!
These frozen leeks do cook a bit differently,
and the texture is not as great as fresh,
 but I'll use them in a pinch for sure.
Have some bowls of fresh spinach
(yeah-no substituting frozen in this case)
ready to top with all of the delicious morsels.
Voila! Super, super easy and oh so yummy.
Bacon. I bow down to you.

Warm Bacon Salad
for 2 main dish servings 

6 slices bacon
2 large red potatoes, washed and cubed
1 T butter
1 T bacon grease
6 oz leeks, sliced
6 oz fresh mushrooms, cleaned and sliced
2 cups fresh spinach

-cook bacon until crispy, drain, and set aside, reserving 1 T bacon grease
-boil diced potatoes until just tender, drain, and set aside
-heat butter and bacon grease in large saucepan
-add leeks and saute for 5 minutes
-add mushrooms, saute another 10 minutes
-chop cooked bacon into small pieces
-add cooked potatoes and bacon pieces to mixture
-saute until everything is tender and warm
-spoon over bowls of fresh spinach
-toss with freshly ground pepper and serve!


  1. Thanks for sharing...I could gobble this down right trouble. Hope all is well sweet sweet friend .xoxxoxoxxo

  2. All you can eat bacon?! Oh dear.

    This dinner looks delicious! And the frozen leeks are quite a find - they would be perfect for soups, I bet.