Saturday, May 21, 2011

Friday is PIE DAY! and a GIVEAWAY!

Welcome back to PIE DAY!
Style expert Matthew Mead posed to me the idea of a pie inspired by his new SUMMER magazine.

I couldn't resist such a challenge, and inspiration can be found on every page of this gorgeous publication, so
my job was easy. Every story is delightful, and he truly captures the feeling of summer in every one of it's guises-from cool, breezy days at a beach house, to parties filled with sweet treats and thirst quenchers, to rooms filled with vibrant summer hues. Naturally, I was especially drawn to a layout filled with saturated color and quirky combinations. I can appreciate white rooms and pale pastels, but color really sets my heart aflutter!
The day before the magazine arrived, I was eating a bowl of papaya for breakfast. It is not something that I purchase very often, but I found myself thinking, "I really should eat more papaya." This was very quickly followed by, "I should really make a pie with papaya!" The next day, when I came upon this story in the magazine, the color immediately brought to mind that bowl of papaya. Furthermore, the circular design on the front of the sideboard looked just like slices of citrus on top of a pie. I had my pie inspiration!

Papaya and Blood Orange Pie
inspired by "Color Bazaar" in SUMMER with Matthew Mead

single 9" pie crust

3 large papayas, peeled, seeded, and diced
2 blood oranges
1/2 t cointreau (optional)
1/4 t orange bitters
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup + 1 T brown sugar
1 T flour
-zest and juice one of the oranges
-very thinly slice the other orange (slice ends off first)
-arrange these slices in a glass pan in slightly overlapping layers
-mix orange juice, cointreau, and bitters together
-pour liquid mixture over orange slices
-sprinkle 1 T brown sugar over top
-bake at 400 degrees for 25-30 minutes, until tender
-set aside to cool
-combine diced papaya, sugars, and flour in a bowl
-mix well
-stir in orange zest
-spoon into prepared pie shell
-overlap crust on top of pie about 2 inches
-bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour
-arrange roasted orange slices in a circle on top of the pie

This is the perfect pie for any summer celebration. The papaya is subtle and sweet, and the blood orange slices give it just enough tang. Plus! the beautiful colors are a festive addition to your summer table.
To celebrate the return of PIE DAY and the release of SUMMER with Matthew Mead, you have a chance to win a copy of the magazine. I know. So exciting, right?!? Two lucky readers will win!! Just leave a comment below telling me your favorite summer activity or celebration. Be sure to leave a way for me to contact you too!


  1. Call me lazy, but all I ask for is a quiet afternoon in the hammock with a glass of iced tea and a good book. And a piece of homemade pie, of course!!! My Grandfather always told us he only liked two kinds of and cold!!!

  2. TOMATOES! getting my hands in the dirt and planting them... watching them grow and turning all shades of red (or green. or orange. or striped this year!)... picking them when they're ready, or not waiting til readiness and frying them green... most of all EATING THEM :) tomato sandwiches, yummmm...

  3. I reside in Seattle where summer is elusive but one day soon I'm hopeful it will return with warm winds and lots of sunshine! Berry pies...that says summer to me!

  4. ...cherries, corn on the cob, homemade strawberry ice cream, bbqing hamburgers,watering my corn and pumpkins,hanging out my flags, going to the country fair, lemonade, cotton candy, being barefoot, red geraniums on my porch, and baking berry pies.....

  5. I love BBQs, lemonade, and running through the sprinklers with the kiddos. Oh, and eating lots of fruit pie with my favorite neighbor :)

  6. sangria, canning tomatoes, lake swimming, fireworks... oh, and mojitos... yes, the mojitos.
    love the new look by the way.

  7. Warm pie,any kind, with ice cream of course. Yes as American as chicken and any pie.
    Thanks for the opportunity,

  8. Relaxing on the beach with my hubby and a good read !!

  9. My kids love to go fishing!
    Great giveaway!

  10. Lake time, gardening, baseball games, golfing, and the Fourth of July!

    Cousin Laurie

    You know how to reach me :)

  11. I can't believe it, I am reading your post while I am eating a... wait for it... bowl of sliced papaya, wondering who eats Papaya? When discussing Papaya I always comment that I don't care for Mangos but I love Papayas. But Mangos always get more attention.
    Yaa for Papayas!

  12. Favorite summer activity - perusing flea markets and garage sales! Favorite celebration - creating a lovely summer luncheon for good friends!

  13. Glad you are back! We love backyard BBQ's with family and friends...especially when it is dusk and the cool breezes blow and the yard twinkles with lights.

  14. Dangling my legs from the dock with a good book and dreaming of the next junking adventure!
    Garden centers, farmers markets, fresh cut flowers and herbs, clotheslines, sun tea, canning, bbqs...somebody stop me!!!

  15. Every weekend of summertime is a celebration!!!

  16. Love watching my daughter's eyes light up while watching the fireworks

  17. I love visiting my family in California. The two places we always enjoy going are the vineyards up in Calaveras county and to Santa Cruz beach. I also enjoy a family BBQ.

  18. Wow, this pie looks luscious, Christine! My favorite thing to do in the summer, is hang out with the family at the lake...

  19. Love summer..Love pie..Love eating pie during summer...YEAH!!!! xx

  20. One of my favorite summer activities is visiting the grands and going to the huge farmers market in the city where wonderful produce abounds. Of course all the hugs and kisses are welcomed too!!

  21. You have a beautiful blog! Happy I've found you and look forward to more visits. Hope you're having a wonderful week!

  22. What a wonderful blog you have! So sorry that I seem to have found you while you are on a long break.