Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Seamstress Interruptus

I regret to inform you all that my foray into sewing has been nipped in the bud.
My affair with that sleek and powerful Singer was brief but meaningful.

Here is the story.

As many of you know, I recently finished up the Creative Connection Event.
BurdaStyle was one of our sponsors, and I had the pleasure of working with their staff
leading up to the event. I was excited to finally meet them all, and spent a bit of time
hanging out with Carol Cho (BurdaStyle Marketing and Partnership Director) on the Friday evening of the event. She and Gretchen Hirsch were helping attendees do make and takes in the BurdaStyle market booth, and I told Carol my not so dirty little secret (I can't sew!). I relayed the story of my husband giving me a sewing machine for Christmas a couple of years ago. This was all per my Christmas list request-I was determined to finally sit down and learn to sew. The box sat in our living room for a couple of weeks, but I was honestly too intimidated to even open the box, and ended up returning it. Yup. Pathetic.
Carol immediately jumped up and asked if I had 5 minutes. "I'm going to teach you to sew!", she proclaimed.
Maybe it was the exhaustion of long days all week, or the beer (or maybe two) that I had consumed,
but I willingly followed her to the machine. 5 minutes later, I had sewn a little drawstring bag. Amazing!
She was so matter of fact and patient about it-the perfect teacher for me. Thanks Carol.
Then to top it off, she said she was going to send the machine home with me until their next show. What!? Really!? Ok then! I toddled home with sewing machine in hand and set it up in my studio. I'm usually one to jump head first into a relationship, but I was taking this one slow.....playing with different stitches and materials, when I all too suddenly got the email that said I needed to ship my new found love (ok-that might be stretching it) off to Orlando for the next show. Already? I hadn't actually sewn a damn thing yet....
Again. Pathetic.

So now the question is...am I hooked? Will Santa see 'sewing machine' on my list again this year?
Maybe, just maybe....but right now I've got this felting machine to master.
Stay tuned for that story....

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  1. Ha ha...you are so cute..sewing and me just do not go together. ....it frustrates me like golf does...so I stay far away...only going near if I must. xoxoxo HUGS