Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Many of you know already that I was featured in the Autumn issue of Where Women Cook magazine.
The quarterly magazine features women who cook-whether professionally, as a hobby, as part of their blog, or just for fun-and the spaces in which they cook. My article has a focus on, what else, pies!
I share my Chocolate Chess Pie recipe, as well as a recipe for adorable Mixed Fruit Picnic Pies.
Most importantly, I share my love of pie baking and the story that spawned that love.
I was lucky enough a couple of years ago to happen into a job with a really talented local photographer, Rich Fleischman, and we have collaborated several times since. He is super passionate about both food and photography, and he never seems to tire of taking shots of me rolling pie dough (or maybe he is just too nice to say otherwise:) I do know that he never tires of sampling the finished products. He shot the lovely photos for this article, as well as the story for my friend Laurie Crowell of the Golden Fig.

We have a lot of fun when we are working, but are also fairly meticulous about getting all the shots we want.
The assembly of these little hand pies was well documented to make sure we got just the right angle and peek of fruit. If you think it is exhausting just baking a pie, try baking one (or many!) in slow motion in order to get just the right shot. (these are just a few....)
all photos Richard Fleischman

Rich was also adventurous enough to make the drive out to Southern Minnesota and hang out with most of my family at our cabin to shoot a feature for the newly released book Where Women Cook: CELEBRATE!
I hold company with a whole roster of amazingly talented women who have cooked for and documented a favorite celebration.

Gatherings big and small at our cabin usually focus around food (and hunting), and it has been a long time tradition to consume the wild game caught by the hunters in the family. This was my version of a celebratory wild game dinner, and my whole family pitched in to help! They then waited patiently while everything was documented and we could finally dig into our meal. Rich sampled bites between shots, and even scored a ride in my brother's duck boat at the end of the day.


  1. How fun, Christine! The articles look wonderful! Good for you!

  2. Bravo, Christine! I am thrilled to hear that your amazing talent is featured in Where Women Cook magazine and Where Women Cook: Celebrate!

  3. Congratulations,lovely photos.

  4. I wish I had a Rich...would make my job a whole lot easier...could you please send him my way!!! Your features are both so lovely! Hugs

  5. Neat! I have looked the issue and keep putting it back on the stand. Now I have to go buy the mag. Just hope it is still around Barnes and Noble.

    enjoyed your blog
    I’m a follower!