Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January organizing

As a rather obsessive organizer, I get totally caught up with the idea of fresh starts in the new year and re-jigging everything after the craziness of the holiday season. Amidst my usual overdose of organizing in the past two weeks, I happened upon a REALLY exciting solution-one for an organizing conundrum that has plagued me for years. I strutted triumphantly around the house all day after completing this one.
Yup. I was happy.
 And so proud of my conquest.
Take that clutter!

I like to collect jewelry.
"Whoa-wait just a minute", some of you may be saying.
Ok. Fine.
I like to collect LOTS of jewelry.
And most of it is neatly displayed in my jewelry room.
The only exception has been my rings.
I want to be able to select just the perfect one to complement that day's ensemble.
But when they are jumbled willy nilly in a dish,
or stacked 8 high on a holder,
it's just too much work.
And my hands leave the house naked.

It couldn't be that hard to find a functional display, right?
I studied every aisle at every craft store, hardware store, garden store, bakery,
(hey-can't leave any stone unturned)
and came up with nada.
I asked my exceptionally handy husband to make something for me.
More than once.
Usually up for a project,
he just gave me a lot of head scratching
and blank looks.

Joann Fabrics comes through.
I was combing the aisles last week for a ribbon organizer
(another ongoing conundrum)
I spied a wooden spool rack.
The short tidy rows of tiny wooden dowels
seemed like the perfect perches for my ring collection.
At a price tag of 5.99.
I nearly skipped out of the store.
(okay, maybe I did actually skip a little once I hit the parking lot)
(and did one teeny tiny fist pump)

That's nice, you're all saying.
Just please get to the project already......
 The rack as it looked off the shelf.
 I removed the legs because I want to hang it on the wall,
(just two simple screws to take out)
but you could leave them on and stand it up on your dresser.
Then I gave it a coat of spray paint.
 I then looped a ball chain necklace around the tops of the vertical pieces.
Makes a super quick, easy, and stylish hanger for my newly legless rack.
 See now this lets me store just one or two rings on a peg.
Grab and go!
 Oh. I love it. Pitter patter goes my little organizer's heart.
Wall space is a little hard to come by in the jewelry room, so I just looped it over my dress hanger for now.
It may move to that little sliver of wall just to the right of the silver framed mirror in this photo.
I can't commit to a nail yet. For now, I may move it to a new spot in the house every day.
Just to bask in the glory.


  1. Brilliant, Christine! That's a superfluity of rings. :) You most certainly did require a holder.

  2. OH what a clever idea! I just wish I had wall space for something fun like that! Happy New Year!!

  3. I love this! Have you come up with a super way to organize earrings?

  4. Holly-you can do it tabletop too if you leave the legs on it...plus there was a smaller size spool rack available too!

    Merrie...danglies or posts or both? I might just have a few ideas:) I'll do an earring storage post soon!

  5. I was waiting with baited breath and figured it out when you said JoAnn's!
    Love the Rustoleum Hammered Metallics me self-who knew you could spray paint in January outside!!

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  7. I was waiting with baited breath and figured it out when you said JoAnn's!
    Love the Rustoleum Hammered Metallics me self-who knew you could spray paint in January outside!!

  8. Love it! What a great solution - and so inexpensive.

  9. You clever girl you!!! So happy to see you back at it over here...I have missed you so. xoxoxo

  10. Brilliant idea...and a very nice collection! Thanks for sharing it. Cheers!