Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pattern Play

Around our house this weekend.
Patterns and prints.
 My new favorite quilt perched on the end of our bed and making me smile.
 Working on various inpiration boards by clipping and dreaming.
Peeking out is the oh so happy tablecloth on my dining room table.
 Found a sweet shop full of dreamy clothes and colorful clogs, and came home with this beauty.
Bound to be a regular shopping stop for me in 2012.
 In my new year organizing spree, I hauled these vintage ties out of the closet
and hung them on a door so we can enjoy them every day.
 The guest room got a little sprucing up too, including this stack of colorful tins.

What is happening in your home this weekend?


  1. I have not had the heart to take down the holiday decorations just yet. I'll enjoy them for a bit longer...until I am ready for spring colors. Looks like you are into spring colors already!

  2. My holiday decorations always come down right away..I like the clean slate for the new year.