Monday, March 19, 2012

My Favorite Find

Calling all treasure hunters!

Serena Thompson of the Farm Chicks
has just launched an amazing new site called
It's an online community dedicated to all you hunters and gatherers out there.
You can post a photo of your favorite recent score, share the locale of a great shop, flea market or sale, and give a shout out for your own shop, tag sale, occasional sale etc etc.

Brilliant, right?!
If you are headed to a new hunting grounds, just type in the zip or city and pre-scout some shopping stops!
Build your online junker profile and community, sharing tips and swapping stories...

I know I'll be putting this site to good use!


  1. Isn't this great! I did an interview with Serena about My Favorite Find on my blog! She is such an inspiration! I am so excited to get using the site! :) xo Heather

  2. Yes, I saw your interview Heather-so fun!