Thursday, April 5, 2012


Many little treasures have made their way
into my life this week.
 I have an overachiever Bleeding Heart plant.
Always earlier and bigger
than the others, but this year
is by far the earliest blooming date.
One of my favorites garden classics.
I first spied one of these and thought it was ceramic.
To my delight, it is actually made out of wood.
Even dreamier when I found it's mate
hidden on the next shelf.
Hey muchacha.
This coy little fella caught my eye.
I think he is a chihuahua.
He is made out of some funky spiky stuff
and all dressed up
with sombrero and glitter.
How absolutely silly.
Check me out amiga.
 Speaking of silly.
This cutie found me
just in time for Easter.

So much joy packed into tiny packages.

1 comment:

  1. Love your sweet treasures!! That bunny is really cute!! Have a beautiful Thursday, and Happy Easter!! xo Heather