Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ribbon Week: Day 4

Last night I thought, " ribbon posts thus far have been fairly easy projects. Maybe I should hit them with something more in-depth tomorrow." Then I thought......nah. Summer is so fleeting and busy that we all want projects that come together fast and look great. This garland is a super quick and super cute way to dress up a summer party. I did a tabletop version, but you could string them all over the house, patio, or garden!
 Jute twine and wide wired ribbon
are all you need!
Pick a spot for your garland,
then cut a length of twine to fit.
Tie with a double knot onto your "posts".
Cut short lengths of ribbon.
I used the pattern to guide me here,
cutting 4 sunflowers.
About 8 inches will be long enough to form the flags.

Fold the lengths in half,
making sure the seam is creased well.
Slip the flags over your twine
and get ready to party!


  1. Such a simple craft with so many possibilities - I can imagine it as a perfect bday party table decoration. Love it!

  2. This one is my favorite!! Love it!! How fun would this be for the 4th of July with patriotic ribbon! xo Heather

  3. Sooo darling my sweet kinda of project! I am off to visit your ribbon posts...where have I been to miss such fun! Happy weekend to you! xoxoxooxo

  4. Andrea-we could string some from one house to the other:)

    Heather-this is my favorite too! I think you'll be adorning your summer tables with these!

    Koralee-hello and happy friday dear! so glad you tuned in for ribbon week. xoxoxo