Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday is PIE DAY!

Last Friday, I had a very cool pie baking exprerience.  My friend Jane, style spotter, writer and producer, arranged a shoot in my kitchen for AOL's Shelterop page.  The stories are about real kitchens and real people doing stuff in those kitchens.   After checking out Pies and Aprons, she thought it might be fun to check out what happens in my kitchen on Pie Day.

A local photographer, Rich Fleischman, and his assistant spent an afternoon in my kitchen, taking shots of my kitchen and the pie making process.  I've never made pies under such scrutiny (in fact, Steve knows that the one rule in our kitchen is not to talk to me while I'm rolling pie crust), but it was fun to have someone so passionate about food documenting everything. 

I made four pies that day-the Maple Walnut, another maple nut variation, (this one needs a bit more tweaking, but then I promise to share it here!), and two cranberry combos.  After a long afternoon of work, we were finally able to slice into the pies, open a bottle of wine, and taste the results. 

The kitchen was a mess and there was flour on just about every surface (including me), but we just ordered up a pizza, invited the neighbors over for pie and finished off the wine........the dishes can wait.

I'll let you all know here just as soon as this story goes up online!


  1. christine, i just finished going over the images and they left me breathless and hungry. it was a fab shoot. i love your passion, love discovering it in every stack of bowls, drawer of jewelry, and now embedded in pie crust. thank you for being a willing subject...again. xo jane

  2. always a willing subject for your visions....