Wednesday, November 18, 2009

collecting: measuring spoons

I'm doing a lot of baking this week in preparation for a Holiday Bazaar at my home this Saturday.  Baking is a very relaxing and smile producing activity for me, and my various kitchen collections add to that joy. Measuring spoons are in great demand when I am baking, so it's lucky that I've amassed a collection.
Color, form and function are, once again, the things that draw me to these particular items.  I venture that they were very inexpensive when they were produced, or possibly even give-aways, as this Big Jo Flour stamped set hints at. 

They have remained inexpensive-I think that I have never paid more than $2 for a set.  But, as you know by now, it isn't about value with me, but they fact that they make me happy.  
They look great hanging in a row....

photo: Jane Dagmi
or stowed away in bright bunches.

How could you not have fun when baking with these?

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