Tuesday, November 17, 2009

organizing tip

Anyone that knows me knows that I am an "every little thing in it's place" kind of person.  As I was putting laundry away this morning, I was inspired to start sharing organizing tips with you all.  I have a very odd shaped closet, and not a lot of drawer space, so I have put shoe organizers to use in a narrow slip of closet space to maximize my storage.  Hanging shoe organizers are great for holding, yes shoes, but also any number of other items.  Here I am using them for ummm...hhh.mmm..hhhmmm...unmentionables....

but you can pop one into any small space-the back of a bathroom door to hold extra washcloths and toiletries, or in a front entry closet to corral mittens, scarves and leashes.  There are lots of great organizing tools out there, just feel free to branch out from their intended purposes, and make them work for your space.

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