Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So much to share...

photo by Tiffany Kirchner Dixon

....from Creative Connection projects to fall goodies to pie recipes to new ventures!
I am still downloading and recalibrating from the big event, but will be back to you all very soon.
Lots of exciting things happening in my studio, including the addition of two machines that may turn me
into a seamstress yet (or at least someone who can stitch up a pillow or two). I know, I know!
Never say never....

One BIG snafu? I seem to have lost my camera at the Creative Connection-so I am trying to piece together images for you from previous shots and other attendees photos. Hmmph. I really secretly wanted a new camera, but am not happy about losing all of my event shots. I was sure it would turn up as I continued to unpack bags and boxes, but no luck yet...

Any advice on new cameras?

So excited for fall...are you?

xo Christine


  1. So sorry about your camera my friend...it is playing hide and seek with you. xoxoxo

  2. We like our Canon Powershot A3100. It's not very fancy - it's just a point and shoot kind of camera but it takes nice pictures and videos and the battery life is good.

    Excited to see you back in the blogosphere! Looking forward to pie and projects.