Thursday, March 8, 2012

Earring Storage

My long search for the proper ring storage was finally rewarded with this amazingly easy solution.
After posting about the project, I had a couple of requests for a post about my earring storage.
Earrings are perhaps the smallest of my jewelry categories. I have lots of necklaces, lots of bracelets,
and lots of brooches. My earrings, however, all fit (for now) onto one small display board.
I bought a stack of these boards years ago on clearance at Target-for the whopping price of .99 each!
They sat in my closet for quite some time before I called them into service for the jewelry room.
I simply hang the earrings from the ribbons strung horizontally across the board, and tuck in a vintage
postcard or two to add another dose of fun!
You can easily make something similar using this great tutorial from the DIY network.
(Just string your ribbon in a horizontal/vertical manner rather than criscrossing)

I'm also now inspired to dream up some new earring storage solutions, so check back for more ideas
in the upcoming weeks.

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